BDG – Emission reduction fund consultants

We are a company that can assist with Energy Efficiency Projects that will reduce your fuel consumption reduce C02 and NOx

We can by our methodology of Measure Compare Improve then Validate the results.

Improved Combustion leads to fuel reduction.

We can help you fund these initiatives by doing the following.

There are four steps to participating in the Emissions Reduction Fund:

  1. Join the scheme by registering yourself and your project. For more information see Step 1 – Apply.
  2. Secure a contract with the​ Australian Government by participating in an auction. For more information see Step 2 – Contracts and auctions.​
  3. Run your project according to the method you have chosen to use. Report on your project and ensure it is audited when required. For more information see Step 3 – Reporting and auditing.
  4. Claim Australian carbon credit units (ACCUs) for the emissions reductions you have achieved and sell them. For more information see Step 4 – Delivery and payment.

In addition to these four steps there are some further details to be aware of if you are considering participating in the Emissions Reduction Fund:

  • You do not have to be​ securing a carbon abatement contract with the Australian Government to participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund. You can run a project and be issued with ACCUs without one. There are other sources of demand in the market where ACCUs may be sold. For more information see Buying ACCUs.
  • You can secure a carbon abatement contract by participating in an auction even if you have not yet been issued with credits for abatement achieved by your project. The contract will set out a delivery schedule into the future.
  • You can start your project as soon as it is registered by the Clean Energy Regulator and secure a carbon abatement contract by bidding into an auction later.​
For details on how to participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund, please see the Emissions Reduction Fund schematic.