Blueprinted Fuel Injection Systems

Fuel injectors are a highly calibrated item within the fuel system.

They ensure correct combustion on each and every firing stroke over billions of injection cycles.

Therefore each injection needs to be equal in energy over each cylinder ensuring your engine runs like a Swiss watch.

Our blueprinted injectors are made with exacting tolerances on all the critical components and nozzle flow outputs are

exactly the same ( within 1% of each other )

We operate in microns to achieve this.

Fuel Injectors and Nozzles

  • Refurbishment and blueprinting of fuel injector bodies
  • Refurbishment and blueprinting of fuel pumps
  • Replacement of fuel injection nozzles
  • Upgrade of fuel injection nozzles > improved fuel efficiency and power
  • Upgrade of fuel injection nozzles > extension of economical life projection
  • Upgrade of fuel injection nozzles > biofuel compliance

ISO Calibration, Testing and Certification

  • Calibration work is exclusively carried out with certified calibration fluids to viscocity and temperature standards
  • Calibration work targets all injector and pump components to meet 99.9% accuracy (volume/pressure) to ascertain even torque / power development via each cylinder during each combustion cycle >during Millions of combustion strokes
  • Testing of mechanical, electronic and CRD systems is conducted to Engine & Fuel Pump System OEMs and their handbook directives (OEM parts are a must to comply with this process) and OEM recommended test benches are employed at BDG benches have a wide range of variants to comply with each type of FIS technology.
  • Certification work forms the basis for our QA

Our history

In 1972, Gregory Bailey started a Diesel Fuel Injection Repair facility in his ‘back yard shed’ in Sydney.

Our family approach

At Baileys Diesel Group, our purpose is simple: we’re here to help you make the most of your diesel engines.

Our guarantee

We’re committed to delivering solutions that matter to you ­– that’s why all of our products are backed by our warranty policy.

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