Fuel Efficiency - Commercial Viability - Engineering Competence

Baileys Diesel Group  – Off – Highway Division – view its place within the Combustion Systems Industry as the interface between diversified groups of productivity orientated enterprises approving of the merits of “extended works-bench strategies” successfully applied in OEM business models.

Power loss and fuel consumption increases with in industrial diesel engines are not due to one single cause, it is a combination of deficiencies or inefficiencies in a number of combustion process related components and more so, the imbalance setting of these components in relation to each other.

Baileys have been operating for around 40 years gaining immense experience and knowledge in diesel combustion and system operation for any type of fuel injection system including common rail, where we currently undertake refurbishment and bespoke design of injectors, fuel pumps and turbo chargers to achieve improved performance.

We are proud to have set up and operate a common rail refurbishment / manufacturing operation which is one of the best in the world.

Our products are Blue printed to ensure optimum performance, calibration and reliability.

We also preform Engine Audits where we

  • Measure engine performance
  • Compare engine performance
  • Improve engine performance using our  Blueprinted Injectors and Injection pumps.
  • Validate engine performance improvements.

The combustion system is then calibrated for optimum results.

Our history

In 1972, Gregory Bailey started a Diesel Fuel Injection Repair facility in his ‘back yard shed’ in Sydney.

Our family approach

At Baileys Diesel Group, our purpose is simple: we’re here to help you make the most of your diesel engines.

Our guarantee

We’re committed to delivering solutions that matter to you ­– that’s why all of our products are backed by our warranty policy.

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